Does anyone have experience using Fetch Pet Care for cat sitting? They are a national chain that opened recently here.

We are looking at several cat sitters and recently heard that Fetch Pet Care has opened a franchise in our part of New Jersey. We don't know anyone who's tried them, but their website says all the right things (bonded employees, pre-screening home visits, etc.).

Asked by Hattie on Feb 15th 2009 Tagged sitting, fetch in U.S. Northeast
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No experience with them. But what I do know is that the best way to approach pet sitting is to have that pre-screening visit with them and feel them out. That's how I chose my pet sitter, and she's great. Once someone shows up, here is what I would find out:

1. Will the same person visit over and over? If so, what is their name, and how can you reach them? Are they ok with frequent calls? Ideally it will be the same person the whole time, and the person who would be pet sitting is the person they send out, and they will offer to sent progress reports to you (our sitter texts mom to let her know we are doing ok every couple of days, and always returns mom's calls promptly). If not, I'd be cautious about using them.
2. How would they handle [insert problem]? Watch carefully for their answers. You want someone who will be proactive if a problem occurs, but that also will keep you updated once a vet visit or the like occurs.

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