does anyone have a tip to get rid of milllary dermatis on a long haired cat?

Asked by Member 1108135 on Apr 28th 2012 in Forums
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Freckles (1993-2011)

The treatment will depend on what the underlying cause is so you should get her checked out by a vet to confirm the most likely cause and appropriate treatments. This is especially important if the skin is raw/infected as she may need antibiotics to heal. This link gives a good overview

The most common cause in cats is a flea allergy and in a sensitive cat this can be caused by just a few fleas/bites that a regular cat wouldn't even notice. If this could be the cause you need to completely rid your house and cat of fleas. Use a product like DeFlea to kill any eggs/larvae/fleas in the carpets/furniture and treat the cat and any other pets regularly with anti flea products like Advantage, Frontline or Revolution. As a good start you could also ask the vet about Capstar which is a pill the pet takes that will kill all fleas currently on the pet but doesn't give ongoing protection like the Advantage etc.

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