Diego is going Bald! I am pretty sure it is stress related as his skin is not red or inflamed at all.How can I help him?

I think it started to fall out about a month after We got Cleo and I am hoping he gets over it real soon. Diego plays with Cleo now and they have formed a friendship so I am at a loss why he is still going bald under his belly and the inside of all four legs? How can I fix this?

Asked by Diego on Nov 20th 2012 Tagged stress, furlossgrooming in Skin Problems
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Hello, It does sound as though Diegos hair loss could be stress related ,but first thing to do is to take him for a quick trip to the vet to rule out any medical realated issues here, Sometimes a cat can overgroom as a reaction to being in pain and trying to releive the pain by pulling at fur.
If all is well at the vets it may be that he is still a bit stressed and nervous with the change in circumstance in your home, Have you tried a Feliway diffuser? I love them , the have really worked for me, but not for everyone, the can be especially useful when introducing a new cat or in period of heightened stress in your Home.
Whatever happens try to have some one on one time with him to and reassure him, and make him feel relaxed, a little bit of TLC can go a long way with a stressed out kitty, Hope all goes well

Batfink answered on 11/22/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer