Dealing with blindness in a cat

Tigger has had one eye removed due to Glaucoma and in the future might lose the other eye. If that happens do you think that it is fair to keep Tigger alive when totally blind??

Asked by Member 1172429 on Jun 14th 2014 Tagged wheneuthenasiaistobeconnsideredifpetisblind in Other Health & Wellness
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Pookie Face (in memory)

OF COURSE!!! They are not people and get along indoors surprisingly well when blind. I had a blind cat for two years who knew where everything was by touch & smell. She lived until 17 years old (thyroid medication made her blind). Since she didn't want to go into the litter box anymore because she couldn't see, I put down doggie wee pads by the door and she used them by smell (basically trained herself and rarely had accidents). The only thing that you won't be able to do is move anything around, so if you are thinking of rearranging anything, do it now. As long as cats are eating/drinking, they want to live! ^_^

Pookie Face (in memory) answered on 6/14/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


YES. Tigger already knows his way around the house etc. He should adjust to being blind just fine and still be able to live a full happy life. Cats with disabilities compensate for them amazingly well. My Lefty, who is blind in her left eye and has only partial vision in her right eye, gets around just as well as the cats with normal vision do. I once had a cat named Rusty who went totally blind as the result of a stroke and that cat did fine except that she was reluctant to jump so I had to put a small step stool by the bed so she could climb up on the stool and then onto the bed. A sightless cat can definitely be a happy cat who enjoys life!

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