Currently I have been searching for apartments, and I noticed that if they do premmit cats, they must be de-clawed!But

Asked by Member 1148986 on Jan 8th 2013 Tagged declawing, apartments, scratching in Local Spots & Services
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The first time I tried to rent an apt. with this stipulation I talked the owner into accepting a larger renters deposit to cover any potential damage my cat did due to not being declawed. I felt comfortable in offering this as my cat had never damaged anything due to his claws. He had been trained to use various cat products specifically made to claw on. Recently, after my cat had passed away, I went to the shelter and adopted a cat that had already been declawed thus eliminating this issue.

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This is a common practice by apartment leasing/rental companies, but some cities are now making it illegal to require. The other poster had a great suggestion of offering to pay a little more in the security deposit - and you might also educate them on the reality of declawing in the process.

Good luck!

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Izadore (Izzie)

My mother's apartment has the same rules and I don't understand it. I think if the property manangers could watch an declawing surgery as I have, they'd quickly change their minds. I understand insisting that the animals be "fixed", but not declawed. I tried to contact our local humane society regarding this but never heard anything back from the director. If I were you, I would try contacting a local humane society and ask them if they could intervene on your (and your cat's) behalf. It just doesn't sound right that they'd insist you put your cat through this kind of pain. Maybe you could sign something that says you'd pay for any damages when you move out?

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