Curing a constipated kitty

4 year old cat, Trinity, is constipated. She's eating, still hydrated, and there's been no change in her demeanor. But she's only pooped once in the past 9 days. Until around Easter time of this year she's been regular 2x daily. I started giving her 10mL canned pumpkin daily, that did nothing. Near abouts Memorial Day, I began giving her 1tsp Laxatone daily in addition to pumpkin. She pooped everyday, once a day. I weened her off Laxatone and began alternating days of Laxatone and pumpkin. She only pooped on Laxatone days. She has begun "coughing" regularly but never throws up hairballs. She's a DSH and lost her back left leg in what they guessed was a car accident 6 months before I adopted her in 2010. I've been sick this past week and noticed this morning that she's stopped pooping again. Seriously worried, I gave her 1tsp Laxatone after dinner last night (I know it's supposed to be given on an empty tummy). I'm now out of Laxatone, and I'm planning on buying more and switching her to wet food this week.
I wanted to know if there's anything else I can do to help. I live with 2 vet techs and spent a summer as one myself. Any advice is appreciated. I'm not so against taking her into our vet, I'm just majorly concerned about the bill.

Asked by Member 1116145 on Jun 17th 2012 Tagged constipation in Alternative Treatments
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Probably wouldn't hurt, if you can, have your kitty checked out by a vet. Meanwhile, my vets recommended mixing pumpkin into kitty's food one meal every other day. The canned stuff is OK. Just be careful not to pick-up pumpkin pie fill. I use ice cube trays to divide up a can of pumpkin & freeze. Once frozen, put the cubes on a bag & keep in the freezer. Just defrost 1 cube at a time & mix in with food.

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