Callisto (In Loving Memory)

Could my spayed cat be in heat???

Calli started calling on Saturday. And calling and calling and calling. Long, loud meows. She still was willing to play & be cuddled, but as soon as that interaction was over, she started calling again.

On Sunday, she started going in & out of the litterbox a lot without much to show for it. I got scared she had a UTI and was blocked so I took her to the Emergency Vet. They said her bladder & gut were empty. On their advice, I isolated her when I got home so I could see how much she was using the box, and she is using it.

Now, when she's isolated, she's calmer. Otherwise, she paces up & down the hall calling. She'll stop & rub on the floor much more than normal & is doing a lot of facial marking too. She's also kinda walking and sitting low to the ground with her tail straight up.

I've had her a year & she's never done this before. She was rescued as an adult (4-6yrs old) already spayed. Is it possible she's in heat???

We're going to our regular vet today. Thoughts?

Asked by Callisto (In Loving Memory) on Feb 17th 2009 Tagged meowingspayedheat in Noisiness
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Izadore (Izzie)

Don't assume that Callie was spayed unless your vet can establish that a spay scar on her belly exists or they have done x-rays. When I adopted Lily, the rescue told me they "thought" she was spayed, but I watched her VERY carefully for a few weeks since unspayed females can come into heat every few weeks if they're not pregnant. It really sounds like Callie is in heat, she's exhibiting all the signs. If she's not in heat, she may have excessive hormone production which also happens but that can be controlled with medication.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Feb 17th.

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Callisto's Mom here. A couple more details I couldn't fit in the question:

1) There have been no significant changes in the home. No new food, litter, people, cats, furniture, routines, etc.

2) I'm told that when Calli was found on the streets, she was already spayed. I'm assuming the shelter confirmed this by shaving her belly and looking for a scar since her belly fur was pretty short when I adopted her.

3) Calli's last regular checkup was only a few weeks ago, and it was fine. She did get some vaccines (rabies and FIV), but otherwise the checkup was uneventful.

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Sassy (2001-2012)

The yowling piece does also happen with UTI's and my cats have done that as a UTI can be very uncomfortable. The advice the emergency vet gave you doesn't sound right and I think they were just talking about a blockage. With an ordinary UTI (no blockage) the bladder will be empty as the cat does lots of small pees. That sounds like what you are seeing and your regular vet will be able to do a blood test to confirm if theres an infection (white blood cells # will be very high).

Her other behavior does sound like she's in heat but if you've had her for a year I would have thought she would have gone into heat before if she hadn't been spayed or if the original seurgery had missed a piece of the ovary.

My guess is that your regular vet will confirm the UTI and once treated her behavior will go back to normal. If not the vet can check she has actually been spayed and asess her behavior to see if maybe part of an ovary was missed.

Sassy (2001-2012) answered on 2/17/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer