Choice of carers when we go on holiday..

We have a lovely 8 year old rescue boy who is very sociable- loves having people around and is very chatty and is in good general health.

We are going on holiday in September this year for 10 days and have a 3 options when it comes to a carer for our sweet boy.

They are: 1. Have a person who comes in twice a day who will feed him, play with him ( visits are 30 mins each time) and clean out his litter tray.

2. A good friend of ours who loves cats and he loves her who will stay in our place over that time and will do all the caring duties as above.

3. My husband's parents who live 1.5 hours drive away who have a lovely big house and they are both retired so there will be someone home all the time and who have offered to take care of him while we away.

I'm a little bit stuck as to what option to take.

Asked by Rocky on Jan 26th 2014 Tagged caringoptions in Travel & Recreation
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Panda Bear

I would go with family. You run a risk with a service or friend if something happened that is not going to occur with close relatives. It's also free except for the car ride, and you can bring his food, sandbox, toys... it will be good for your folks too. They might even decide that they want to adopt a cat after the experience! ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 3/13/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer