Changed cat???

I have three female spayed cats. The youngest, Shadie, is nine years old and, in my opinion, fairly small... Or at least smaller than the other two. The others are her mom, Sugar (10yo), who coincidentally is very sweet, and Sugar's mom, Spicey (11yo), who is only really nice if things are going her way... Anyway, Shadie has always been an independent-get-away-from-me type. She's never really liked when anyone touched her. She would hiss, scratch, bite and back away with her ears pulled back. However, lately she will let anyone pet her as long as the other two are not around. She's fine with her mom, but her and Spicey do not get along at all. They have had countless fights which had to be broken up by one loud clap and harshly saying No! I don't understand why they hate each other.
Anyway, I guess my question is, why do you think she's had a sudden change of heart? But really any feedback is welcome.

Asked by Member 1156696 on Feb 23rd 2013 in Behavior & Training
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