Change in appetite & Energy

Lately my almost 3 year old female Buddha has gains a much bigger appetite than before. She has always been a very thin cat and a picky eater, but lately I see her grazing at her bowl at all hours of the day and she is putting on weight. Im glad to see her looking healthy from this, but I noticed that her energy has gone way down. She has not been as playful as normal. Is this normal cat-weirdness behavior or something to be concerned about? Thanks for any input!

Asked by Buddha on Jul 24th 2013 Tagged food, energy in Other Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

You will now need to monitor her food intake. Good foods like Natural Choice have age and weight feeding guidelines (PER DAY) on the side of the bag. NC is also made with ideal weight balance and hairball control in the indoor adult formulas (purple bags). Give exact amounts twice per day, and ignore her if she begs. Weigh your cat and make sure she has mostly dry food; if she gets mostly wet, after you switch to dry over the course of a week, her appetite should return to how it was before. ^_^

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