Cat won't eat her dry food all of a sudden?

Bella has eaten the same brand of dry food her entire life.. she is a pretty big kitty and NEVER has a kernel of food in her bowl. She cries for her breakfast and dinner and has always gobbled it up in about 10 seconds. So starting about a week ago I noticed that she is not eating all of her food. She will take like one bite when i give it to her and walk away. She also does this weird thing where she will not eat out of her bowl..she takes her paw and scoops all the food out and spills it all over the place. So I got concerned she wasn't eating enough and have been giving her a little wet food..and she has no problem eating that. She won't eat the wet mixed with the dry though. She is acting completely fine and normal otherwise... what could this mean??? I will def. make a vet appt if this lasts through the weekend, but just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas as to what could be wrong?

Asked by Bella on May 1st 2009 in Food & Nutrition
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At 13 years old, it's possible that she has a problem with her teeth and that chewing the hard kibble is a problem for her. Have you looked in her mouth? Wet food is a pretty good idea at her age anyway to make sure she's getting enough water in her system and keep her kidneys healthy. She may have other health issues so a visit to the vet for a check up is a good idea. She may also have just decided she doesn't like that food anymore. It seems unlikely since she has always eaten it but cats can be finicky. Maybe the pet food company changed something in their formula or maybe it just doesn't appeal to her aging taste buds anymore.

Allie answered on 5/1/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

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I agree with everything Allie said. ;)

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I would definately take it to the vet to rule out if anything physical is wrong, if not, she just may be just getting older and wants a more moist food to eat. Make sure you keep her weighed and that she is just tired of eating dry food but if she starts eating the moist, maybe give her a half a can in the morning and the other at night before she goes to bed, I buy the fancy feast where there is not a lot of food as in the bigger cans,
God Bless!!

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