Cat vomited twice in three hours, in large volume the first time.

I've had my cat for about a month and a half. She's around two and a half. Until today, she had never vomited. She vomited a large amount around 10:30 and a small amount before 12:30. I don't know how concerned I ought to be.

I changed her (gradually, via mixing) from a low gap quality food to one with better ingredients over the last two weeks. She was fully changed over Tuesday. She does tend (in my opinion) to eat quickly.

The vomit is a mushy solid, blood-free. Just average cat vomit I've seen when cat sitting previously. It's the frequency and the volume from the first time that worry me.

Asked by Member 1193081 on Oct 5th 2013 Tagged cat, vomit in Health & Wellness
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Orion Hemingway

She is getting used to the new food. The first was probably a mixture of hairball and food and the second more clear, correct? My cats do this all the time. Ensure that your cat is drinking plenty of water. If not, add another water bowl as far from the first one as you can. If the new food is very high in protein and your cat is indoors, this may cause weight gain, so be aware of that. Brush your cat so she ingests less fur that will be digested, and keep tabs on your cat in case the vomiting becomes more routine. I had one cat who was a regular vomiter until I switched her to MaxCat Senior food with oatmeal for digestion, which solved the problem. ^_^

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