Cat Urinating health problem - how to proceed?

My cat has been experiencing trouble urinating. After peeing, she leaves the litter box and will cry/hiss and hide for about a minute to five minutes. Afterwards, she will lick her butt area. She is eating/drinking and is acting normal otherwise. Today I took her to the vet to be examined - She had an x-ray to look for kidney stones and none were found. I was told there still could be some unseen and I would need to provide a urine sample. She was also prescribed medicine - amoxicillin trihydrate/clavulanate potassium. I gave her the prescribed amount before she ate (wet food) - around 6:30pm. Since then she has eaten and peed (about the size of a quarter/half dollar) Both times she peed, she seems to be in more pain than she was before she was given the medicine. Again, after about 5 minutes, she resumes her normal behavior though she again grooms her butt area. The medicine was recommended to be used twice a day. Is this a normal reaction? Does she need to see the vet ASAP

Asked by Lola on Jan 11th 2012 in Illness & Disease
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If she was just seen by a vet today and she isn't peeing significantly less than she was before the exam I'd give the antibiotics more time to take effect. Since an x-ray didn't show any kidney or bladder stones and she is a female, so it takes larger stones to partially obstruct her urethra, chances are it is a bad infection like your vet thinks and it will take a few days for the anti-biotics to start clearing it up and probably a few more days for swelling from her constant grooming to go down. If she stops being able to pee altogether or stops eating or drinking it's time to consider an emergency visit, otherwise I'd just give the vet a call and ask about getting a pain reliever for her to make her more comfortable while you wait to see if the anti-biotics help.

Feel better soon, poor kitty!

Cali answered on 1/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Female cats aren't normally diagnosed with "blockages" or "crystals" (which make the blockages happen). Their urethras are larger, so they are much less prone. That said, some cats develop something vets call FLUTD- Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. It's their fancy way of saying, it's probably generalized inflammation and we don't know why. This happened to my cat recently and I went home with antibiotics, but 3 days later when they were not helping at all, I insisted trying something else and he only got relief from being put on a kitty NSAID. (Non-steroidAntiInflammatory) It was OTC and cheap. I now have it in case it happens again. Some cats have this happen once and never again, some have it a few times a year forever. Get the urinalysis done too though, because the girls can develop crystals and also the urinalysis tells a lot about the kidneys and urinary system. Good Luck!

BadCat answered on 1/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer