Cat terrorizing other.

My fiancee just brought 2 cats into my apartment where I have my one cat. One of her cats is incredibly mean and bullies my cat. I have been trying to assert dominance and teach her not to attack him but every time we let her out of the bedroom she makes a line straight at him to attack him. He is living in a corner, holding his pee and poo and not coming out to eat. I've tried being super strict but her cat has mental retardation. That's not a bash, she's actually retarded. I don't have money to take her to the vet. So please don't suggest vet. I scold her every time she tries to go near my cat but it's like she doesn't even remember. We don't want to get rid of her because she has peepee issues and would be hard to place in a home. We're trying to save this cat but I will not let my cat live his life in a corner holding his waste, starving, and muscles atrophy. I've been trying to teach this bully for weeks and it isn't getting anywhere. Is there another cat site I can post at?

Asked by Chase on Oct 9th 2012 in Aggression
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