Cat split personalities?!

Good morning,
My cat Flower is 2 years old. We adopted her from a shelter as a 4 mth old kitten. As a youngin she was loving to all, and was never fearful. At one year of age there was a mishap between her, a bowl of cereal, and my husband. Ever since she's been terrified of him, and any male that is near. What can we do to ease her fear? We've tried having him feed her, treats, toys, but she is horrified.
When its she and I she's great! She's in excellent health, up to date on shots, fed twice a day, practically pampered in every sense. I don't get why she just won't retrust him :(
Tried: treats, toys, feliway

Asked by Member 1140132 on Nov 11th 2012 in Fears & Phobias
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Alot like Humans, Cats learn to trust and build relationships over time, and to be fair, you are doing everything that i would of thought to suggest already, great job, form now on its all about patience patience patience.
Flower will observe your partner, overtime, she will realise that he means no harm to her, but its definately going to take a while.
Keep encouraging your partner to offer her treats, ask him to make sure he gets down onto her level right down on the ground, being quiet and not making sudden movements while he interacts with her.
Smell is very important to Flower, so, another thing you could try is to mix your partners scent with flowers by using one of your partners worn tshirts (preferably a bit sweaty) in flowers bedding, this will help her to associate his smell of your partner with the smell of her home, bed etc where she feels safe.

Carry on doing what you are doing and im sure everything will be just fine! Best of luck!!!

Batfink answered on 11/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer