Cat scratch couch/certain parts of carpet/tile. Also attacking me

I've had my cat Gizmo, I joke she looks like Gizmo acts like Spike, for a little over a year now, she was about 6-8 weeks old when I got her from an ex who couldn't keep her, and she's got some habits I've tried breaking and can't.

She still claws at my couch, for the past few months started digging up one area of carpet, and recently started scratching at the tile near her food and water in the kitchen.

She also attacks my hand when I'm using my laptop as well as walks/lays on the keyboard. If I stop to pet her she attacks me still. If I close my laptop she just sits on it.

Now if I lay down on my couch with a blanket over me she will curl up at my feet falling asleep. If I get up she gets angry but otherwise doesn't care.

She also sleeps in the between/in the nook of my legs depending on position every night.

Asked by Member 1192899 on Oct 4th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

These are all (except for the clawing) signs that she wants to play or spend time with you. Pouncing is a kitten thing... she has no idea what typing is or why you don't want to pet her. When my kitten jumps on my computer desk I have a battery operated spinning toy that I turn on called the Cat's Meow. It's in the pet store or in As Seen on TV sections. My kitten loves it, and has for months. As for the clawing, add more scratchers, cheap toys, a laser toy and a cat condo. Then spray your couch with NO SCRATCH spray daily AND add sticky paws tape (which cats can't stand) to the areas she scratches most. You can also buy a piece of carpet remnant and lay it over the place that she is destroying in the original rug. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 5/18/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer