Cat Panting...Clarification?

OK, I have seen a lot of people say that their cats pant for reasons such as aggressive play, stress, excitement, fear. I have also seen a lot of responses saying that open mouth breathing is always a bad sign, not normal, and a health concern. I have a 5 month old kitty that, when running around aggressively after a laser pointer or feather toy will become out of breath, breathe heavily, and eventually start panting. At his routine physical they said his heart sounded normal. He recovers within a few minutes and I have not noticed him panting when not playing. I worry about him, still. Is it OK for a cat to get out of breath in these conditions and pant? Do cats get winded and pant?

Asked by Member 753689 on Oct 15th 2008 Tagged panting, toys, excercise in Exercise
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Shai Ming

They absolutely DO get out of breath with playing. Momma talked to the Dr Guy about it and he said it was normal after HEAVY playing that they might be a little out of breath.

I happen to have the onset of asthma, and that is part of the reason that I pant so hard after playing. But Momma makes me relax if I get too crazy and start panting really hard.

We are kittens and we go kinda crazy sometimes and don't know when to stop playing. I'm 6 months old and I still don't know when to stop.

Momma is a little over protective and so she asked for a chest x ray anyway, that is how we found the slight thickening of my bronchi. When the Dr Guy listened to my chest everything sounds normal.

Panting can be a sign of a problem with the heart or the lungs tho. If you are concerned, have your vet do an x ray just to rule anything out (this is what Momma was doing).

Shai Ming answered on 10/15/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer

Bella (In Loving Memory)

if he ONLY pants after really heavy play I'd assume he's okay.

I've moved with Bella twice and in response to the new place she always spends a night stress panting on my bed. Its scary to see, but I know that its just an extreme response to the stress.

Bella (In Loving Memory) answered on 10/20/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer