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Cat killing birds

I've been feeding an outside cat that I think is a stray, since it seems to be staying around my house now. I felt sorry for it. I know, big mistake. I don't want to stop feeding it, but it has started killing the birds around my house. I have found two headless birds so far. I happen to feed the birds and squirrels too. What do I do to stop this and can I? I don't want to be mean and stop feeding it but I don't want to keep picking up dead birds.

Asked by Star (In Loving Memory Of) on Aug 13th 2010 in Aggression
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Sassy (2001-2012)

You could put a collar on him with a bell on it that would help warn the birds he is coming. It won't completely stop him catching birds but may let some escape. If your bird feeder is near the ground you could also try to get one that is higher off the ground/hangs from a tree etc so the birds are safer.

Make sure he is a stray by asking around your neighbours/adding a note to the collar and if he is friendly and gets the all clear from the vet maybe you could adopt him and bring him inside with your othercats.

Poor Sassy was never a good hunter even when she was a stray living outside and trying to raise her 4 kittens. I took her in and although she was very skittish and shy at 1st she is a super friendly cat now. I still let her go outside but since I have other inside only cats and can't have a cat door she just goes out for a couple of hours at a time while I'm at home or in the garden.

Sassy (2001-2012) answered on Aug 14th.

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Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop cats from killing birds. Cats are predators, and birds, etc. are usually good prey. If you keep a consistent time schedule feeding this cat, maybe it will fill his tummy enough that he will just go take a nap. This is wishful thinking, but it may help cut back on his "birdie killing" behavior. Thanks for caring for this little kitty.

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Orange Ruffy

We had this problem with a little feral cat we eventually were able to trap, get vet checked, neutered and relocated to a sanctuary. (where he is safe, warm, and with other cats so he can have friends). My husband built a platform bird feeder. The birds were able to fly onto the platform and get food. The Squirrels actually figured out how to get onto it from a tree, and back again. Because the pole was not climbable-it was a smooth bamboo based wood, they couldn't climb it and get to the birds, and it was too tall for them to jump.
You can get birdfeeders you can even attach to a clothesline or near one, so the birds and squirrels can eat, but they won't be in danger from the Great Domestic Tiger.
Thanks for caring for this little feline. It truly is operarting on a very old instinct, but there are ways around it.

Orange Ruffy answered on 8/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer