cat had gas that was blocking his intestines 3 days of meds now ok but do I keep this from happening again?

Stinky is a 10 year old male who has never been to the vet other then for his yearly checkup and shots so when he started vomiting every hour or so I freaked out. Vet said he had gas blockage in his upper intestines and one in the lower. 3 days of meds and now a full 24 hour pd without vomit, he seems better. Anyone else with this problem? Ideas on prevention? Any help would be great. Thank you in advance.

Asked by Member 1147384 on Dec 30th 2012 Tagged gas, specialdiet, health in Health & Wellness
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You might see if putting him on a raw diet will help... it might make digestion easier so he doesn't get quite the gas buildup. Check out Nature's Instinct brand. You can freeze the food and just scoop right out of the bag without the chunks freezing together. Also, if he is a fast eater you might raise his bowl up off the floor so he has to eat slower or feed him a few small amounts at a time.

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