Cat fights between my two cats who haved known each other since kittens, What can I do?

I have two persian cats who have always been indoors, a female and a male. They have been together since they were kittens and have always had a wonderful relationship. But since my male cat escaped yesterday after some other stray cats for one night and came back the other day, my female cat is now EXTREMELY aggressive towards him and is fighting badly with him to the point of making him bleed. He doesn't defend him self and seems intimidated and scared by her. I am currently locking her up in a separate room by her self to help her calm down. I also gave my male cat a bath to help eliminate any odors from outside, and also bathed the female to see if this could help, but everything seems the same,she still is hissing and yelling horribly at him,she has also been starting to fight with my other female cat who is her daughter and has always been with her.She seems confused and out of control,extremely aggressive.What can I do? I've never had cat fights before,this is very stressful!

Asked by Member 1212203 on Feb 20th 2014 Tagged catfights, cataggression in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

When you see them fighting, pour a glass of water on their heads. Everybody gets wet and it will break up the fight immediately. It also teaches them what happens when they fight. It also does not hurt them, because they will dry and groom themselves. Your male may have picked something up outside, like fleas, that your girl does not want. He also smells differently, and cats smell way better than we do. I have a happy home with four cats and a dog, but one cat will hiss at ANYONE who comes back smelling like the vet's office for at least 24 hours. Giving baths was a good idea. Calming spray where the female hangs out in your home might help, as well as treats and pheromone sprays. The behavior should go away in a week. If not, and if your male seems to be acting differently as well, bring him in for a check-up. You can also pacify or distract your girl with some healthy treats like Greenies dental chews for cats in salmon or catnip!

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