Cat door dashing help

I need some advice on breaking a door dashing habit. Last week my cat escaped and was gone for two days before i could find her. Saturday night she got out again and just a hour ago was i able to find her. Shes always been a stickily inside cat but has always tried escaping since she was a kitten but has never gotten any farther then our back yard. These two times i found her in the same place about 7 houses up. She is spayed so i know that's not the issue. I have her brother who is a complete opposite and scared of doors. Is it wrong to confine her to my room (food and litter box have always been in here) since she cant be trusted? No matter how careful we are she finds a way to sneak out. Between the dangers of the outside world and her chronic respiratory issues i need to break this asap!! Any help is appreciated

Asked by Member 764233 on Jun 24th 2014 Tagged door, dashing, escaping, runningaway in Other Behavior & Training
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There's nothing wrong with confining your cat to your bedroom to keep her from getting out. When I first came to Mom's house, I was an outdoor cat. Mom kept a spray bottle of water by the door (one on each side of the door!) and when she went in or out, she would spritz me with water if I even thought about trying to dart out the door. After a number of times of being spritzed, I decided I didn't like to come too close to the door anymore. It's been a long time now since I tried to get outside. I have learned to be a happy inside kitty and I enjoy sitting on cat tree shelves and watching the outside world through a big window.

Mika answered on 6/25/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Panda Bear

Why can't you just close the cat door? Duct tape works wonders, and they'll be safer inside. Get them more toys and play them soft music while you're not home to entertain them. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 6/25/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


First off, have you asked if the other house fed her at all? If so, ask them politely, yet firmly not to feed YOUR cat as its preventing her from coming home. Mention shes got lung problems and just be honest! Most people dont realise not to feed cats.

You need to find a smell she hates, my cat hates fresh lemons (loves the bottled stuff!), lemon oil and vinegar, so when I was trying to stop her jumping on the kitchen tops I rubbed lemon oil just under them, worked a treat and only took her a few days to click...and shes not the smartest of cookies!

Or try water spray, I found this didnt work as my cat liked it (see? Just daft!!!) but its worked well with my sisters cat with a firm 'NO!' to go with it.

Dont feel bad about shutting her in, mines shut in the spare room at night as shes taken to curling up on the kids pillows right next to their head. And yup, she cries, scatched the door badly, but its all for the best. Good luck!

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