Cat acting weird. He rolled off me fast, jumped around. Almost seemed possessed.

OKAY! so I was just holding my cat in my lap (he loves being help) and he seemed very relaxed and calm. Suddenly he jerked up and jumped and rolled and fell off the chair onto the ground and couldn’t walk straight as if he has been spun around and was dizzy. He is fine now, but it literally looked like he was possessed, that’s the best i can describe it, how he rolled around crazy fast and scary, and fell, and I’m very worried! Did he have a seizure, or a heart attack? He seems fine right now. but it almost seemed as if he was scared and trying to get away form something in a rush!

A little info on my cats health:
He is a male. I think around 14?
Recently he has been sick, throwing up. he has lost weight, but the vet said he is at a healthy cat weight now.
they did a abdominal ultrasound and couldn’t find anything wrong
(we took him to the vet because he was sick)
he is on a medication now, (Metronidazole 50mg every 12 hrs for 2 weeks)

PLEASE, please help me!

Asked by Member 1171022 on May 19th 2013 Tagged sick, fell, fall, rolled, jumped, scared in Emergencies & First Aid
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It's hard to say from a description rather than actually seeing it. But my first thought was some kind of seizure. Especially if he had trouble walking straight after and then recovered. I'm no expert of course. But if it was a seizure, it may happen again. Have you checked with your vet?

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