Can't Afford Wet Food and Picky Kitty.

I have had my lovely kitty since she was 7 months old. She is now about 3 and has always been on dry food. She is on Blue Buffalo Indoor dry food. We have recently had our daughter too who is now 8 months old and our money runs a little tight. We still push to get her the good dry food, but I learned recently you should give wet food. How do I go about affording this? Will it end up more expensive than our current 20 something dry food that she takes her time eating? Not to mention she seems super picky when we tried a can of wet food once and licks all the liquid off and leaves the meat and waits for her regular food unless it is flaked and sometimes she still does that, even if I mush it up. I feel awful not knowing what to do for her picky tastes or our budget. :(

Asked by Member 1221022 on Aug 2nd 2014 Tagged wetfood, vs, dryfood, budgets, picky in Other Food & Nutrition
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Bezalel Tiger

Okay, Blue spends millions on commercials to make you think that it is the best food... no comment. Wet food is very important for males with urinary issues, not as much for females. What you should do to increase her water intake is to add another bowl on the opposite side of the home. If you still don't think she's drinking enough, you can add a water fountain from the pet store (Sunbeam makes one for $30). Try MaxCat canned wet food by Nutro because all of the cans are satisfaction guaranteed. If she doesn't like a flavor, you can bring it back and exchange it for another can. One big can is two days worth, so buy the larger cans (they're cheaper) and a can topper for the fridge. Let the fridge cooled portions get to room temperature before re-serving them. ^_^

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