Can you help me find a "Puma" breed of cat. It is a small, short-hair, very sweet disposition.

My friends Puma Cat - the sweetest kittie in the world - died last week and she is desperate to find another. I have not been able to find this breed which is described as a small, short-haired, very sweet/dossile disposition. The Vet, A Dr. John Myer from the Marymount Animal Clinic in Silver Springs, MD cannot be found. Anyone ever heard of this breed. Where can I find another kittie for my friend !!

Asked by Member 1002433 on Aug 30th 2010 Tagged pumacat, shorthair, domestic in Breeds
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Izadore (Izzie)

I'm so sorry about your friend's cat. I researched "Puma Cat" and couldn't find a domestic version anywhere, even on the Cat Fancier's website. The only Puma listed is a large, wild, cougar. Perhaps some of our breed experts on this page can come up with more information. Good luck!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 8/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Blossom (Loving Memory.)

Try Searching on PetFinder (:

Blossom (Loving Memory.) answered on 8/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


There is no domestic cat breed called the Puma Cat. Perhaps if you have a photo you can post, somebody can tell you what breed the cat actually was. I also have to say that my cats are Persians but if I lost one of them, although it is easy to get another Persian, there is no replacing one of my babies. No cat, even if the breed is the same will ever have the same personality and qualities that the other cat had. My friend lost her Persian cat Harley last year and got another one which she would gladly give away if I would take her because no cat can ever be the "perfect" girl her Harley was. It is sweet that you want to help your friend but she should choose a kitten of any breed or a shelter cat only when she is ready and with the understanding that no kitty can "replace" the one she lost.

Allie answered on 8/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I spent a long time on the Internet trying to find references to a "Puma Cat" but couldn't. True, there are some breeds that are hybrids between domestic cats and wild cats, and in the future there will probably be more. Maybe your friend was mistaken. Maybe some dishonest breeder or pet shop lied to her. The Cat Fanciers' Association does not recognize domestic/wild hybrids, although TICA does (I think). In any event, whatever the breed, I always take generalizations about breed personality with a grain of salt. I have a bunch of Maine Coons, and all of them have different personalities, and none of them has a personality that fits descriptions of the typical MC personality (except for their habit of playing with their drinking water). Even if there were something called a "Puma Cat," there's no guaranteeing that another one would have the same personality as the former cat. I hope your friend finds a nice kitty when it's the right time.

Lola answered on 8/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I used to work for this vet. Pumas are agouti colored, stocky and preferably polydactyl in his best ones.

You might be having trouble because you should be looking for "marymont", not marymount animal hospital. 303.384.1223 His sons brad and greg run the hospital now. He has since retired,but I doubt he has stopped breeding Pumas.

Good luck!


Member 1037731 answered on 6/18/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I owned a Puma cat. He was the best anyone could hope for, and lived a happy 17 years. We got him from Dr. Meyer, at the Marymont Animal Hospital. Dr. Meyer has since retired, so I don't know if they still breed Pumas. they have a website:

Member 1047460 answered on 8/22/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer