Can you bring a cat to a public park (in upstate NY, to be specific) where dogs aren't allowed?

I want to start leash-training my cats, but I live on a busy main road where there are too many cars/dogs/people/questionable things on the ground. I would rather bring them to the park where it is quiet and they can roam more freely (still on a leash, though). I'm having trouble finding information on whether cats are allowed in parks at all, and/or whether they are allowed where dogs are not (i.e. are dogs in particular prohibited or are all domestic animals? I can't find any info on this anywhere).

Asked by Monti on Sep 25th 2013 Tagged park, leashtraining, leashes, rules, laws, parklaws, publicparks in Laws & Legislation
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Bezalel Tiger

Probably not, but you have to call your town and ask. Otherwise, you could get a ticket that you would have to pay (fine). ^_^

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