Can cats see in color?

I know cats can see in some colors. But do they see in all colors? Just like to know! Thanks(:

Asked by Grouchie. on Jul 21st 2009 Tagged eyes, see, color in Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

For a long time people assumed that cats could see only gray tones. In the meantime we have learned that they can distinguish between some colors: for example, red and green or yellow and blue. Colors do not play a major role in a cat's life. A cat's eye orients itself to light and dark. It acts like a camera. In bright sunshine the pupils contract; at dusk they expand and catch even the tiniest glimpse of light. In this way your cat sees about six times better than you do .Cats can also "hear" with their eyes. Cats' eyes have nerve cells that transmit to the brain sounds that the ears no longer perceive. That's how even blind cats can catch flies. (from

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