♥Little Girl♥

Can anyone tell me what breed of cat I look like someone told me Main Coon? I am sure I am mix I was born in the wild.

Asked by ♥Little Girl♥ on Jul 13th 2008 in Maine Coon
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Well, with your oblique, almond shaped eyes, you are not simply a domestic long hair. Your ear shape and placement, fur distribution (ruff) and color, and tail shape and size, are all consistent with indigenous Maine Coons. However, the fact that your ears are smallish and rather widely spaced, and that your muzzle is not particularly prominent, plus the fact that your face is rather triangular, brings up the possibility that you have Norwegian Forest Cat blood in you. Since Maine Coons and NFCs are relatives, and since they are often indistinguishable to the amateur eye, it's a close call. However, NFCs have straight profiles, while yours has a definite dip in it--which is a characteristic of MCs, but could also be your moggy side showing through (your profile seems less MC than moggy to my eyes). By the way, where were you born? That could narrow things down as well (you list Italy, AE as an address--where is that?). In any event, you're a gorgeous kitty!

Lola answered on 7/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer