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Can a one and a half month old kitten be given antibiotics?

i was wondering if a one and a half old kitten be given antibiotics? i will be asking a vet but right now i just need someones oppinion this kitten will be given a new home when her owner gets moved into a new house in august and this kitten is starting to get an eye infection should i tell the new owner that they need to pay for the medical bills as we treat the kitten but that is if the kitten can be given antibiotics at such a young age

Asked by Tinkerbell & Jellybean on Jun 23rd 2011 in Health & Safety
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The vet will decide what is better to this kitten. Probably, if the eye infection is just starting, it wouldn't be necessary any oral antibiotics. But, if the infection is severe, vet will prescribe an oral antibiotics in adequate doses for this kitten's weigth and age.

Quindim answered on Jun 25th.

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I don't think any vet would give a kitten just starting to get an eye infection oral antibiotics- those are for the absolute worst eye infections that don't respond to topical treatments. If his eyes have just started to show signs of irritation they will probably want to do an ophthalmic ointment (like eye drops but gooier!) a few times a day for a week or two. My people think they remember me getting that ointment when I was about 6 weeks old so his age isn't likely to be a problem. It will probably run the cost of the office visit plus $5-20 for the tube of ointment unless the vet finds anything else wrong. Definitely make sure his future owner agrees to pay for it ahead of time so they don't just "change their mind" when presented with the bill!

Dominic answered on 6/23/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer