Can a cat be a snowshoe without the inverted white v on it's face?

My cat was a stray that showed up at my families restaurant one day. He must have belonged to someone because he is super sweet but unfortunately extremely vocal. Haha. At first I just thought he was Siamese but then I was looking up siamese and noticed they didn't have any white markings. But then I saw something about snowshoes and when I googled several images looked exactly like him. His coat is mostly chocolate with black on his face nose tail and paws hes got bright slightly slanted blue eyes with a white chin triangle chest patch that connects to his white belly and white paws. The only thing that concerns me is when I look up the description it saws that snow shoes have that inverted v white patch on there face and his is all black with a white chin. Could he still be a snowshoe?
Here's a pic of him his names Monty
If that doesn't work he looks kinda like this

Asked by Member 1115769 on Jun 14th 2012 Tagged breeds, snowshoe, siamese in Breeds J-Z
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It is possible your cat is a Snowshoe. I can't see the rest of his body. There are 2 Snowshoes in the house, Ramsey and 'Bitz. Of the 2 'Bitz would be the true Snowshoe per breed standards. Ramsey is Snowshoe but his Siamese heritage is much more prominent in his features. He does have the 4 white "shoes"/paws of the breed and other markings. Here is an easy to read and quick article on the breed which you may find helpful.

Ramsey answered on 6/14/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Many mixed breed cats carry a recessive gene for Siamese coloring. Your kitty may or not be a purebred, but he sure is cute.

Monster answered on 6/15/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer