Brand new to the site! Looking for suggestions regarding what to name my 6 week old female Tortoiseshell.

Hello, everyone! I joined the site today and I'm hoping for some suggestions; I just adopted a 6 week old female Tortoiseshell kitten yesterday and can't think of a name.

Here's a little background... I have two male kittens (brothers) who are brothers and just turned 1 year old on July 31st. I found these little guys on Halloween of last year so their names are Halloween inspired. Ouija is my nearly solid black little man (he has just two extremely small spots of white fur; one on his chest, and one between his hind legs), and Gremlin, also known as Grem Grem, or if we're feeling especially icky sweet, Baby Grem Grem is my grey and white cutie.

Even though the newest addition has nothing to do with Halloween, I think I'd really like to keep her name within the same theme. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I prefer simple names; here are some I've come up with so far:

Thank you all so much! :-)

Asked by Member 1125104 on Aug 11th 2012 Tagged names, newkitten in Other Kittens
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Some suggestions are: Lilith, Sabrina, Samantha, Spooky, Boo, Goblin, Ghost, Scary, Pumpkin, Witch, Witchy, Eden, Elvira, Trixie, Trickster, Morticia, Raven, Regan...

Twinkle answered on 8/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer