brand new kitten peeing on my boyfriemd when I leave

sunday we adpoted a 2nd boy kitty. he is a snuggle bug and we are keeping him in our bedroom to slowly introduce him to our 1yr old boy cat. he sleeps throughout the night snuggled in my neck and I wake up at 6 feed them and leave for work at 7-my boyfriend works nights and the past two mornings the kitten has peed on him even though hes used litter box during the daytime... my first cat was so easy idk what to do!

Asked by Member 1209447 on Jan 14th 2014 in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Stop having the kitten sleep with you until he can jump off and on the bed by himself to get to the litter box and his food/water, which should all not be far away. If cats can smell their own pee they will continue to resoil the same area, so you need to wash the sheets with Nature's Miracle or a specific anti-urine pet odor remover and buy a waterproof mattress pad. Scrub your mattress if you have not already done so, or it may become ruined. Make sure that the younger one is eating kitten food, because the older one should be switched to adult food by now. Check that the other boy cat does not start spraying urine as well due to your same gender addition. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 4/15/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer