blue bear

blue bear and his litterbox problem

my cat blue has a litterbox problem. he goes to the litterbox, but he won't squat.. he just stands and pee goes everywhere. he has never been the best at covering his business(he usually pawed more on the outside of the box than the litter). and when he goes number two, he puts all four paws on the edge of the litterbox before he will go. the litter is always clean, and my other cat fritz doesn't have this problem. they are both declawed, neutered, and very young. blue is only 2, will be three in february. is this territorial? does he not like the feel of the litter? although, we have tried others, and the natural, woodchip(?) kind he won't even use, instead using the bed or couch. could this maybe be a kidney infection?

Asked by blue bear on Oct 27th 2013 Tagged litterbox, confusion, declawed, neutored, multiplecats in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Panda Bear

If you think it might be a health problem, then definitely take him to the vet. Or, you can buy one of those test litters and see if the color changes. Cats who are used to one type of litter sometimes object to a change of brand (mine aren't fussy because I'm constantly rotating). There are two things I will recommend: adding a litter box and Dr. Elsey's litter attractant. Even if they still share boxes, a larger pan will give added space (to go IN instead of out). The litter attractant is available in pet stores and online, and it says it's guaranteed. I have never had to use it, but give it a try! You can also try to show him how to cover his litter properly via demonstrating. If they are taken away from their mothers at a young age sometimes this step is missed. ^_^

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