Black/brown spots in cat's mouth? I've done a bit of research online and noticed that it's typical for orange tabbies an

Asked by Smiley on Mar 3rd 2009 in Health & Wellness
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The Magnificent Seven

Yes, black spots in an orange tabby are apparently common. I have an orange tabby with a scab on his nose that he's had since he was born four months ago--now, this is a problem I have to get checked out by a better vet than the one I'm seeing now (it is possibly some kind of congenital defect). Your cat probably doesn't have a problem, but the next time you see your vet, get a professional opinion.

The Magnificent Seven answered on 3/3/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


With humans, the allele (on a chromosome) for red hair is right next to the one for freckles. Because they are so close together, they often transfer together during meiosis. To put it on more simple terms, its like picking one piece of straw out of a pile of straw with gloves on. At least one other piece of straw will probably be inadvertently picked up along with the first. In the case of genetics, these genes (straws) will often be picked up together, in which case, the recipient of the first will inadvertently receive the second right along with it. These are called “linked genes.” It could very well be red hair and freckles are linked genes in cats, as well. My "redhead" cat has them all over his nose, in the pink around his eye lids, all over his lips and a few on his paw pads.

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