My one-year old cat has been a biter ever since we got her. I have tried everything to get her to stop this behavior. She doesn't bite as often as she did when she was a kitten. I will be gently stroking her aqnd she is purring, and then all of a sudden she will bite me.
Any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1080617 on Apr 19th 2012 Tagged biting, cat, training in Behavior & Training
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CK Angel Ryder Knowles

Very common adolescent cat behavior-we have one of those too! We believe his ears are really horns. But it's common behavior-and the way they play with other cats. Some suggestions:
1) Many interactive cat toys! Play alot with her. Get a toy you can drag around for her to stalk and chase. Also, an activity box. You put a toy in a box with holes in it and the cat pokes her paws at it, and can't quite catch the toy.

Have you a cat tree? CK loves our cat tree! It gives him a place to play 'king of the hill'!

Biting isn't personal. It's a form of 'prey' behavior,and play for kitties is part of instincts that come with being a predator. Yell OW really loud if she bites you, and immediately toss a ball, or toy, or something for her to chase.

We have also been trying to get our boy to get used to a harness..eventually in the hopes for taking him out on a harness and leash. So far, it's not his thing, but at least he plays with the harness!

CK Angel Ryder Knowles answered on 4/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer