Behaviour help requests-constant meow

Here is the situation: My cat is meows around a lot (mostly at night). I give him attention, food ect..nothing seems to help. All the essentials are fine (as far as I know..I have two cats so its hard to be sure). I've recently changed food because of the other cat (science diet-bladder), the behaviour intensified after switching over to the new food. I've taken him to the vet for stuff like this before and the only thing that was suggested was tranqualizers. Does anyone know of any over the counter ones that i can get? He will stop meowing for a bit and then start up again. Its not a I'm in pain meow but its persistent.

Like I've said I've seen the vet on this issue (a year ago). What should I do? Anything I can get?

Asked by Finnegan on Apr 17th 2012 in Noisiness
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Excessive meowing can be most annoying when we are trying to sleep. Some cats have the habit of meowing and/or scratching in front of the bedroom door until we let them in. The first rule of thumb is do not respond directly to the cat’s meowing. The cat is doing this to get your attention. Getting up to see what the cat wants, shushing or yelling at the cat is the worst thing to do because you are reinforcing the undesirable behaviour by giving the cat attention. Your attention is its reward. The easiest solution is to get a pair of earplugs. If you do not respond to the cat’s meowing it will probably stop within a few days.
If that does not work, you can try some of the following tips:
· Keep your cat extra busy during your waking hours and especially in the evening with toys, extra play etc. This will help it sleep when you sleep.

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Cats are most active at dawn and dusk. Are those the times that he's meowing? Try playing with him and feeding him before you go to bed; that might quiet him down. He may also be developing feline cognitive disorder (kitty alzheimer's) although he's a little young for that. It's not uncommon in senior cats. They get restless and disoriented at night and meow because they're anxious. Please don't tranquilize him. There's got to be some reason for this. Consult a behaviorist.

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