Backpack to carry a cat around - is it safe?

I have seen these little doggie backpacks where there are little holes for the paws and tail, and the head sticks out at the top, and you can carry the dog in front of you.

I am thinking of getting one of those for my boy Lugosi, who weighs almost 7 kilos, and I find it harder and harder with my chronic pain condition (fibromyalgia) to carry him around in a normal box or bag.

Does anyone know if these are safe for cats? Can they breathe okay and would it not be painful for them with their paws dangling out?

Thanks in advance for any useful answers.

Asked by Member 1198149 on Jan 19th 2014 Tagged travel, backpack, cat, carrying, heavy in Other Travel & Recreation
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Bezalel Tiger

Call the manufacturer and ask if the product has been tested on cats, and if they think it would be safe (and are not just trying to sell a product). The worst thing for you would be to have your cat scratch or fall through, because it would be very dangerous in your condition as you are unable to run around and retrieve a freaked-out cat. I would guess that unless your cat is very old, no cat would appreciate being held in such a position, as it is not all fours down like a cat naturally drops from a height. ^_^

Bezalel Tiger answered on 1/20/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Little Bit

I use an infant carrier that goes on your chest to carry one of my boys when I take them to the walking trail because he is part Maine Coon and gets hot faster than my other two because of his massive coat. If you have a cat like mine who likes to sit like a person on your lap then I would say front carry infant carriers would allow you to see him at all times and he will let you know if he doesn't like it!! Maybe you have a cat loving friend that would let you try one out before you buy one and then go to garage sales. I got one that is just like new for $1 and Squeals LOVES Mama carrying him. Good luck.

Little Bit answered on 1/30/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer