Auto Feeders for Multi Cat

Hello, I got my second cat in March. Until that time, I had Ghost on an auto feeder for breakfast, set to go off at 5. This works great for us and got him to stop head slamming our door at 4:30 AM. However as stated, I now have a second cat and had to stop the feeder and go to manual feedings. The 5 AM feedings went great for a few months but new cat now meows anytime beginning at 4 AM (Ghost did not revert to head slamming luckily). I cant find a feeder for two cats at the same time, does anyone have any advice? Or tips to cease the early morning meows, which I assume isnt possible! Looking for an auto feeder that will feed two cats at once. Pipe dreams?

Asked by Ghost on Aug 22nd 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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Panda Bear

Go to amazon for pet feeders, it doesn't matter whether cat or dog as long as it's dispensing the correct amount of food. They have everything on there, and the prices are good too. I also like the warranties because my last cat fountain died within a month of purchase; I mailed it back and they exchanged it free. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 8/25/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer