Are there any diseases that mimic FIP?

I'm 6 mos. old and was diagnosed with FIP 2 weeks ago. My belly is swollen and I'm really losing weight. My blood-work was okay except for an elevated bilirubin level. Could it be something other than FIP - something we can treat? Everyone is so sad and hoping that I'm going to be okay.

Asked by Wendy on Apr 16th 2009 in Other Health & Wellness
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Poor Wendy and family! A large percentage of cats carry coronavirus, which in a very few cases mutates to become FIP. Young cats with immature immune systems and cats in multicat environments (shelters, multi-cat households, catteries) are at particular risk, as coronavirus is spread through the oral-fecal route. A distended abdomen and elevated bilirubin levels are possible indicators of FIP. A cat can have elevated coronavirus titres but not develop FIP, and there is apparently no way of telling through analysis of the coronavirus titre whether it has mutated into FIP or not. This is what I've just read on the Internet, and I may have gotten something wrong; I'm not a vet, and can't tell you what you really want to know, whether it could be something else that is curable. Our purrs and prayers are with you.

Chibi answered on Apr 16th.

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