Are stray cats able to survive the harsh cold winter months?

There are 5 stray kittens outside. And with the weather getting colder I'm getting a bit concerned for their safetey (as in getting too cold). I would love to take them in but we already have a dog and cat and that is enough for us. And unfortunatly, the Humane Society does not pick up in our area. So, are they able to survive the cold weather? Or will they eventually need rescuing when we start to get snow?
There are 3 kittens about 6 mths. And 2 kittens less than 2 mths.

Asked by Shadow on Oct 5th 2008 in Other Health & Wellness
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Tabby (Adopted)

They'll need some kind of shelter to survive the winter.

The best would be if they are young enough to take in and foster while you search for homes for them. If they are young you can socialise them so they can be pet cats. If they grow up feral they'll never be able to be adopted. There may be a local rescue group that could help you - you foster them but the rescue group puts them on their websites and takes them to adoption events etc.

If they are older and already wild call some local feral cat groups to see what they suggest. You could maybe give them shelter in a shed or garage so they can get out of the cold.

Tabby (Adopted) answered on Oct 5th.

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I'd also like to add that the 3 that are 6 months old are getting close to being old enough to breed. If somebody doesn't rescue them, those 5 kittens are going to turn into a whole colony. If there is any way you could trap them and take them to the shelter you would be doing them a huge favor. The winter will be very hard on them if they don't have shelter but continuing to make more kittens without homes is even worse.

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