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Are spices bad for a cat?

I've got a cat that loves spices, especially nutmeg, so much so that I have to put them in a high cabinet he can't get to. He rubs all over them, and starts purring and drooling, like when he gets into catnip, but amplified. Even a grocery bag that brings my spices home gets him excited, and will swipe at me and his brother if they come near. I know nutmeg is a hallucinogen to humans, but can a little harm cats? What about other spices?

Asked by Henry (1996-2010) on Apr 21st 2008 Tagged food, behavior in Other Food & Nutrition
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Dulci (In Loving Memory - you

Lots of cats have these strange addictions. I babysat a cat who would knock over Olive Oil cans, just to get into the oil.

here's what i found about cats and Nutmeg in particular

"Nutmeg. You may not realized this but high levels of nutmeg can be toxic, even fatal. The toxic principle is not well understood. Signs of toxicity include tremors, seizures, nervous system abnormalities or death."

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