Scmitty Admiral Ackbar Robbins

am i humanizing my cat too much or is he really a vindictive ass who bites when he doesn't get his way?

schmit is 2 years old, in good health and spoiled rotten. rotten is the key word here. he's always been vindictive. if he perceives an injustice(like having to wait, or not getting treats when he begs for them)he bites. if he misses his mark when he bites he'll keep coming at us, or wait til a few minutes til we think he's over it and then attacks.not just a nip either, he gnaws til he draws blood. my fiancee and i are always covered in deep wounds and scars. when hes in a good mood he's lovey and snuugly and the sweetest playful animal ever. but really, he's jeckle and hyde, a veloseraptor in cats clothing.

Asked by Scmitty Admiral Ackbar Robbins on Oct 30th 2013 in Aggression
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Pookie Face (in memory)

It seems like you don't have too much affection for your cat's behavior. They KNOW what you think... honey begets honey. Wear rubber gloves or fill a bottle with 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water for when the nipping begins. As soon as he sees the bottle, in time, he'll bolt. Also, put treats in a dish at a specific time and do not try to feed them to him to avoid being bitten. Cats are trainable and like people, will behave in the manner which they know that they can get away with. It's just as much your fault as his for not redirecting his behavior to a climbing post, for example, with a reward of some fave treats on top... watch "My cat from hell" on TV to get some other redirecting ideas. ^_^

Pookie Face (in memory) answered on 10/31/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Please do not use this language, I get what your saying but still.
I agree, its clearly on the table that you dont approve your cats behavior.
Well I see what you mean. That wouldnt be very nice, but maybe he is just that type of cat. Mikko and Loco attack, but not brutally. Maybe its just how he acts, he is impatient, and he wants what he wants when he wants. Sorry to hear he wants to wound you. If you didnt have him from a kitten, then maybe he has had a bad past from humans, and wants revenge. Good luck with your Velociraptor kitty.

Mikko answered on 11/6/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Food aggression is common in both dogs and cats. A vet or cat behaviorist might have better suggestions, but you could try switching out the treats to a different brand or type, to see if it helps.

The cat may have also just learned bad habits. Kittens default to biting during play, and have to be taught not to bite human hands. When he bites you, don't yell, but say "OW" in a tone that he'll recognize as pain, and then slowly take your hand away and don't give him any attention or food for several minutes. (Your finance has to be consistent with this training as well.) *Never* use your hand as a toy when playing with him, and don't allow him to bite you during play, either. If he does, stop playing for a few minutes.

Don't give him treats if he bites. Only give him the treats when he's not biting, and praise him for the right behavior (taking the treat without biting). Last, he's a young cat and may be bored. Try playing with him (with a fishing rod toy) for 30 mins. a day.

Member 1140346 answered on 11/7/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer