All 3 of my cats seem sick and 2 of them cant meow!

I have 2 cats (the third one is my grandmothers who lives in the same house) my 2 are male and female (max and cali) (my grandmothers is female named ree) ree's age is unknown because she was found when fully grown and my grandmother had her for about 5 years or so max and cali are both around 5 years old. Max has been sneezing breathing loudly and trying to vomit but cant seem to for the past 3 days, this yesterday morning cali who is usually so vocal it gets on our nerves tried to meow and all i heard was small screech she is still doing this she has to force the tiny meow out that is usually very loud she is still playful and loving does and does not seem sick except for the meow. Ree had the same problem a few weeks ago with the meow and her voice came back but now its doing the same as calis right around the same time! This is making me sad to here my cat not be able to meow when she usually so talkative thanks in advance Donovan

Asked by Member 1143279 on Dec 1st 2012 Tagged sick, cat, cant, meow in Health & Wellness
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you may want to get them checked out by a vet. :)

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