After having obstruction removed, Simon is still having trouble urinating?

Simon was brought to an emergency clinic for a bladder obstruction. He was catheterized overnight, and was transferred to his regular vet the next morning. The obstruction was cleared and his bladder drained. They sent us home with anti-inflammatory and pain medication Monday morning. For the rest of the day he was his normal self, if a little groggy from the pain medication.

Tuesday afternoon, I noticed he was peeing less and less, and it was bloody. I was afraid he had blocked again, and broke down. Took him to the vet again. After being catheterized while awake , the vet said he wasn't blocked at all, but he was having pain urination. His bladder was drained and flushed again.

Now, he's having trouble again. He eats and drinks and is still groggy from pain medication, but he leaks bloody urine and can't manage more than a few drops in the litter box. Bringing him back tomorrow morning. In the meantime, is there a way I can get him to pee?

Asked by Milo on Jan 22nd 2014 Tagged urination, bladderobstruction in Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

Add a water bowl and a fountain... anything to encourage him to pee. Also add vet canned food to his diet, and feed a prescription urinary food like Royal Canin SO that is only available from the vet. It's expensive but worth every penny. Panda had bladder surgery for stones at age 8, and now he's 15 and still with us thanks to his water fountain and special food. Good luck at the vet! Keep him there for observation to make sure that he is not peeing blood BEFORE you bring him home the next time... I don't know any cats who enjoy car rides! ^_^

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