Adopting 2 Tonkinese females from breeder - she told me 2 kitties are best as they will be inside cats. Is this true?

I lost my 15yr old Siberian cat due to a brain tumor 4 months ago, and really wanted a new buddy. I fell in love with the Tonkinese breed, and am adopting 1,and very possibly 2 Tonkinese females from an amazing breeder, they get to come home the 1st week in October -

She told me that 2 kitties are best as they will be inside cats. Are 2 cats really better than one? I know they're an active breed. I've got a one bdrm apt that's about 800sq ft. Is this too small for 2 cats? I work from home, so they will have plenty of company, but I don't want them to get lonely, I know they follow their owners around and are in to everything you're in to, so 2 cats would help occupy themselves more. I don't have kids. Just a fiance who is here most of the time. He loves animals. I'm going to the breeder to pick them out this coming weekend.

What are your thoughts on 2 vs 1 kitty?

Are they more destructive as a pair? Or more relaxed? Is it harder to train 2 cats as opposed to 1?

Thank you! :

Asked by Member 1126664 on Aug 20th 2012 Tagged tonkinese, adopting, cats, scratching, spraying, kittens in Kittens
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I don't know anything about Tonkinese, but I am a strong proponent of having more than one cat. If they get along (and most of mine have eventually made peace and some have even become good friends), they do entertain each other at least some of the time, taking some of the burden off you. They'll be less bored. The rescue organization I volunteer for won't even let kittens under 6 mos. go home unless there's another cat or kitten to keep them company. Do it. you won't be sorry. Just make sure you have enough places for them to climb and explore.

Member 1124077 answered on 8/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Rider (Dreamboat #72b)

I have a Tonkinese and 2 European Burmese. Both are very active and social breeds. They usually like having another cat friend. It's nice to have two cats as they will usually play together and keep each other company when you are working or not home. I would not say a pair of cats is more destructive. I would say they get into less trouble as a pair as they have someone to play with. I also live in an apartment about your size. I would recommend window perches and cat trees to give the cats some vertical space. My cats LOVE their tree and window perch. Most cats love interactive fishing pole style toys, and puzzle box style toys where they have to work to get toys out of a box with holes. Toy, window perches and trees will enrich their indoor environment. I also have a pet stroller and occasionally take them for strolls.

Rider (Dreamboat #72b) answered on 8/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I think the answers you've gotten so far are great but I want to add that ALL cats are better off inside. There are too many dangers outside. Animals are much safer indoors. Also I love medium sized toy mice. Maybe they will too. A variety of toys can be nice.

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