Bruce Wayne Faulk

Adding any HTML code in Extra bio field adds long horizontal scroll bar at bottom of my pet's page.

I am trying to dress up my kitty's page by adding some HTML using guides I have found on Catster. The problem I am running into is that everything I add in the Extra bio field that has HTML code in it adds a long horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of my kitty's page.

At first I thought it might have been something erroneous in my CSS coding, but if I delete everything and just put the word 'test' in SPAN tags, I am able to reproduce the issue. Looking at other pet pages which have been customized, I am seeing it on those too.


I am seeing this in both Internet Explorer and Firefox on my pc, as well as on Safari on my tablet.

Is this a bug with Catster/Dogster pages? Any idea on how to go about getting this fixed?


Asked by Bruce Wayne Faulk on Dec 28th 2012 Tagged html, code, extrabiofield, scrollbar, petpage, css in Pet Page
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