A neighbor's cat has been spending almost 100% of his time in my backyard. The cat is very skinny, constantly yowling, a

A neighbor's cat has been spending almost 100% of his time in my backyard. The cat is very skinny, constantly yowling, and seemingly starved for affection. I initially thought he was a stray; he has no collar. I discovered that the cat belongs to a neighbor who is away in Italy until August. I contacted that neighbor about the cat's condition (seemingly starving, scratching madly at its own ears) and the neighbor's son, who is staying at the neighbor's house and supposed to be taking care of the cat, took the cat and claimed to take it to the vet. Then he left a spray bottle with me to spray the cat if it annoyed me, which, of course, I have no reason to use. Time has passed, and the cat is spending all of his time in my yard, even if I pay him no mind. Last week, I noticed a large bald spot had appeared on the cat's head, and a red welt on his chest. Today, I notice several more painful-looking spots of exposed skin on his head, and that welt has expanded into a large hairless section on the cat's chest with some sort of scar on it. I called my neighbor's son, but as the cat seems to have some sort of mange or ringworm, it is unlikely that he took the cat to the vet in the first place, and probably even more unlikely for him to do this time. What should I do? I can't afford to take on another cat, (but I will if necessary) and I do not want to take him somewhere and have him put down by authorities. I also don't want to be rude to my neighbor while he is away in Italy, but I think that his cat is not doing well at all and am afraid for his health. Thoughts?

Asked by Member 997469 on Jul 19th 2010 Tagged neglectedcat, neighbor, mange, help in Shelters & Rescue
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Izadore (Izzie)

Even if you have no intention of doing so, you can tell the son you will report him to your local animal control officer for neglect of an animal unless he can produce vet receipts. You can also ask to see the reciepts in a non-confrontational way. I fear that if you make "a stink" about this cat, he will disappear for good if you know what I'm saying. Ask to see the reciepts to find out what the diagnoses was. If it IS ringworm, do NOT touch the cat as it is highly contagious. However, you already know that the cat is not being cared for and needs to see a vet asap. You know the cat is being neglected and it's not well. Ask for permission to take the cat to a vet for treatment. If you care to,you can work out reimbursement with the cat's owner when he returns from his travels. The cat, his comfort and welfare is my immediate concern. Handle him with gloves and wearing long sleeves. If you have a carrier, disinfect with bleach when you return. But please get him medical care soon!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 7/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I also have a stray who has been coming around since July 2008 with bald spots on his head and neck. I found out last summer that this cat belongs to a girl over on the next block. She informed me that he has never been fixed and doesn't want to come back to her house because of her little dog. He seems shy, but doesn't start fights with the ferals I feed. The bald spots get worse in the summer months and the hair never grows back. My only thought is that the cat is having an allergic reaction to flea bites. It looks like cracked dry skin in the winter and open scabs in the summer. This girl down the street doesn't care about her cat either. I have already had 10 feral cats fixed and paid for it myself. I would take the cat to the vet (if you can afford it) and do what you can for this poor little cat until his owner comes home in August. Obviously, he doesn't care much about him or he wouldn't have left it roaming around while he is away. Thanks for caring for him!

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