8 week old kitten sick or growing? Should I be concerned? Please help!

I have an 8 week old kitten. He is usually active and playful. For the last couple days he has been sleeping a lot more and eating less. He still is eating but not as much. He has been drinking. I feed him a strictly wet food diet. He still pees and poops normally. I took him to the vet to get his shots and fixed a couple days ago, they said he didn't weigh enough for surgery. He started acting weird after that. I don't know if they gave him shots tho, they didn't tell me. Would his shots cause him to act like this? Earlier he was running around like crazy like he usually does so i wasn't concerned. Then he started heaving like he was having a hair ball but didn't. is he going thru a growth spurt? We had his sister when we first got them at about 3 weeks old, the only 2 in the litter. within a week she got terribly ill and I am kind of paranoid. Should I be concerned or does this sound like a growth spurt since he is still only about 2 months old?

Asked by Member 1178697 on Jul 6th 2013 Tagged kitten, sleeping, behavior, odd, sick in Health & Safety
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Bezalel Tiger

Call the vet and ask if the first set of kitten shots were administered, and if there are any side effects that you should be expecting. At 8 weeks you can transition him to dry food, which has 3 times the protein of wet, and might give him more energy. Did you flea treat him- he could be reacting to the medicine. Pookie started with Max Kitten dry food back in the day. He's also a little young for a hairball, so I would mention this when you speak to the vet as well. Hopefully, nothing will be seriously wrong! ^_^

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