5 month old kitten attaching me? How do I get him to stop?

Milan is 5 months old and started attacking me a week ago. He is scheduled to be neutered in 2 weeks. He has always been playful but I am not so sure the attacking is all play anymore. He will try until he successfully gets between the comforter and the sheet then latches onto my leg. When I get him out he will either try to get back between the comforter and sheet again or attack me through the comforter. I use water and spray him until e stops but it's taking more and more spraying to get him to stop. Last night he then scratched my eye. He also scratches my leg when I'm standing. He used to do this with no claws and it was cute but now he's using claws and it hurts. I am not sure if it's hormones and hopefully he will calm down once he is neutered. In terms of shutting him out of my bedroom to stop that habit, I have his brother who loves to cuddle and need him to be able to access the litter box and water at night. Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this behavior?

Asked by Milan on Oct 7th 2013 Tagged attacking, puberty, neutering in Aggression
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Panda Bear

First, provide more toys, an extra water bowl, and cut all of his claws down. Without a mix of white vinegar inside, water bottles do little do deter a pesky cat. Neutering should calm him down, so don't be concerned just yet. Do buy a cat sitter dvd for when you're not home, as well as some interactive cat toys and a cat condo for climbing, as well as a window perch for birdwatching. The more he has to do, the less he will want to pounce on YOU. For a reward, Greenies dental treats now come in 8 yummy flavors, including catnip (which might mellow him a bit). ^_^

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