2 year old cat is desperate to play interactively 24/7, despite plenty of attention and playtime

Hello, everyone. I recently adopted my first cat and I love him. He is a 2-year-old cat-mutt who is very social. My issue is that he wants to play all the time. Believe me - he gets plenty of playtime and attention from 4 people all throughout the day - he is in no way neglected - but every few minutes he goes to sit next to his favorite toy and meow pathetically. I'm not sure if I need to play with him more, or if I need to have more structured playtimes and hide the wand toys at other times. (I recently started doing 15-minute play sessions in the morning and evening, as well as shorter ones throughout the day since I am working from home) thinking that would be enough, but he constantly begs for me to play with him with the feather-wand toy. I love to play with him but I have a lot of things I need to do and can't play with him all the time. (He also has plenty of toys he can play with alone but doesn't seem interested in them.) He is healthy and has the run of the house.

Asked by Member 1208604 on Jan 9th 2014 Tagged attention, play, meowing in Behavior & Training
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Bezalel Tiger

Cats need limits. I have a kitten who tries to walk on the keyboard while I am blogging... she just wants attention too. Luckily she sleeps a lot (like right now), but getting attention can become a habit. Here are a few things that you can try: play classical, instrumental or mellow music for him, play the cat Sitter DVD for cats for him, or buy him a cat condo with a view of outside in a prime bird watching position from above. You can also give him a couple of treats like Greenies or Smart Bites for every 1/2 hour that he leaves you undisturbed (in a different location, or he will come looking for snacks!) ^_^

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