18 year old cat won't eat or drink, vomits everything, isn't sleeping, seems worried, don't know what's wrong with her!

My cat Yoda is almost 19. She's an indoor cat who has been pretty healthy her whole life. She's always had issues with vomiting if she has dairy or cleans herself too much. She normally has diarrhea now, even though she normally has fish or chicken and maybe some dry food as her only meals. However, she is as healthy as you could expect from a cat that old.

The last few days she has eaten less and laid down on a spot in the kitchen where she never lays down. She usually loves to lay on me but hasn't interested in doing that for the last few days, she seems to like cooler surfaces, like the top of a trunk or tile floor. It seemed like she was just changing her normal routine, which she sometimes does, but today she hasn't eaten or drank or slept at all. We gave her water with an eye dropper but she threw that up a few hours later. She doesn't lay down or walk like normal, but doesn't appear injured.

We don't have a lot of money for a vet, will probably take her tomorrow if still sick.

Asked by Member 1212153 on Feb 20th 2014 Tagged vomiting, noteating, notsleeping in Health & Wellness
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Orion Hemingway

When a cat stops eating, that shows he or she is near the end. Discuss end of life options with your family and vet. Cremation, home burial, pet cemeteries and giving the pet's body to the vet are some options for you to consider. Is is best to have it thought out ahead of time, because some of these options cost a couple hundred dollars or more. Don't let Yoda suffer; that is when you should think about putting her down, and there is never a good time for that. Be at peace and enjoy her while you can... ^_^

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